Length Drilled Biwa Pearls Strand in White Black Grey Pink Mauve Colors



These are length drilled long stick pearls at approximately 15.5inch long.

Two sized pearls are available. One is smaller, the dimension of each individual biwa pearl is approximately 3/8″ wide and  3/4″ long, while most of the pearls have a length about 12-15mm long as the last picture shown.  The other is bigger and more in rectangular shape, with a width of  1/2″ and 1″ long, white most of the pearls have a length about 20-24mm long.

Sorry for the incapability of having the sizes and dimensions above described to be totally accurate. As you can see from the picture, some of them would be bigger and others smaller as they do not have a uniform or sizes or shapes as we can do to products made by machines mainly because all of the pearls are made of nature, just like human, none of us is the same, even twins. That’s why all of the pictures are taken with a penny to give you a sense of size.

The smaller sized 12x15mm pearls are more irregular, and have approximately 22-24 pearls on each strand due to variances in sizes. The larger sized 20x24mm pearls have approximately 16-17 pearls on each strand,

There are several colored pearls available, including black, white, pink, grey. White colored biwa pearls have the best of the quality as you can see from the pictures, which is why the highest price.

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