1-2mm AA+ Round Seed Pearls Undrilled or Half-drilled


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1-2mm round AA+ graded undrilled or half-drilled pearl available for immediate delivery.

White, pink and lavender colored pearls are currently in stock.

The only difference between this and an AAA pearl is in its roundness. It is not as round as those pearls but still in a very round shape for a layman’s eye. It can be a perfect gift for a keepsake pearl. Price listed here is for one pearl only.

The price listed here is for 1 individual pearl. Because of its high quality, it is usually kept undrilled or drilled only when needed so it can be used by jewelers and jewelry designers individually as a center piece for their rings, pendants, or earrings based on their design.

If you need seed pearls with very small differences in sizes, such as seed pearls from 1-1.2mm, 1.2-1.3mm, or 1.4-1.5mm or 1.6-1.8mm pearls available, and if you have extra 7-10 days. we can also get them as special orders for any quantities you need.

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1-2mm, 2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm


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