1-2mm AA+ White Undrilled Round Seed Pearls Sold by 100 Pieces

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1-2mm round AA+ graded undrilled seed pearls available in white.

Picture is taken from real pearls with a penny to give you a sense of size.

The only difference between this and an AAA pearl is in its roundness. It is not as round as those pearls but still in a very round shape for a layman’s eye. It can be a perfect gift for a keepsake pearl. Price listed here is for 100 pearls per package. The price for one pearl is $2.97. So you will save $177 if you purchase 100 pearls one time.

If you need seed pearls with very small differences in sizes, such as seed pearls from 1.2-1.3mm, or 1.4-1.5mm or 1.6-1.7mm pearls available, we can also get them as special orders.


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