10-11mm Length Drilled Baroque Pearls on Temporary Strand

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These are AA grade large sized baroque pearls at 10-11mm in sizes. They are available in chocolate, dark grey, baby pink and rose pink.

These AA grade baroque pearls are slightly rounder than A grade baroque pearls (not as long, but neither completely round either). They are a step up from A grade baroque pearls because they have significantly fewer natural dents and obvious markings as A grade pearls. For the most part, the surfaces of these pearls are clean of obvious imperfections. What few they have are invisible from a distance such as when you wear the pearls.

AA grade means while mostly high/good quality, may still contain some slight imperfections. Unlike higher graded pearls they may not have a 100% smooth surface. These small imperfections are natural of pearls and even used as indicators of the authenticity of pearls. If you are interested in learning more about our grading system, please read more here.

The price listed is for one strand of approximately 15in long (about 33 pearls).

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