10-11mm Side Drilled AA Quality Potato Pearls on Temporary Strand

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $36.97.


These large sized AA grade Potato pearls are 10-11mm. They have very nice luster with few markings and spots to show they are real pearls that are from nature instead of man-made beads, These are the same kind pearls selling on ebay as round pearls because some of them actually look pretty much in round shape for a laymen’s eyes.

Both black and white colored pearls are in stock now.

Price listed here is for one strand at approximately 15.5″ long, which has 39 pearls.

For illustration purpose, picture shows multiple strands with a penny on it.

If you are looking for really round shaped pearls, we also have them on sale, just go to our round pearls category under pearl strands, and click on the View All button, you will see them all in different grades.

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