11-12mm AA+ Baroque Pearl Necklace Magnetic Clasp

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These large 11-12mm AA+ high quality baroque pearls makes this genuine pearl necklace not only unique, but also striking!

It is made of unusual baroque completely natural shaped 11-12mm genuine freshwater pearls at a length about 18in long.

If you like beauty of baroque pearls irregular shape and natural rough surface look, you will love this large sized very high AA+ quality pearl necklace.

Baroque pearls is basically a specific type of pearls that is unlike their perfectly round counterparts, does not have an axis of symmetry. In other words, the left half of the pearl can be completely different in shape to its right half. A large baroque shaped freshwater pearl necklace that have high luster and each one is unique is a stunning and eye-catching piece of jewelry.

This necklace is carefully hand knotted by our skilled workers using double-stranded silk thread and closed with a magnetic metal clasp plated with 18K white gold that is easy to wear.

Only two colored pearls are available now: white and grey.

Every additional inch only costs $3.5 for the pearls. If you need to alter the length, be it 36″ or 100″, all you need to do is to write in the Comment field before you click on the button to place the order, and authorize us to charge the extra inch(es) on the same credit card. You will receive an email receipt immediately.

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