11-12mm Huge Freshwater Peacock Black Round Pearls on Loose Strand Real

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If you have you been searching for black pearls in large sizes, you will be very happy with these pearl strands.

These are huge, 11-12mm A graded round freshwater pearls that do have a few circles and spots on the surface, although pleasant as you can see these black pearls coming with multi-colored overtone and nice luster from the last picture, taken from real pearls in stock right now.

We provided these quality of pearls because of customers’ request for reasonable priced pearls at huge sizes for them to make their unique jewelry with stunning effect, but not shy of showing they are genuine pearls made of nature therefore imperfections do come with them.

If you are looking for much rounder and better quality pearls, please do a “View All” in the “Round Pearls” category under “Pearl Strands” to select your preferred sizes and grades. We do have higher quality pearls available as well although prices will be higher.

There are approximately 37 pearls available on each of these 15.5inch loose strands. Each strand weighs about 75grams.

Available for immediate delivery. Sorry, we are not offering special drilling service on this particular strand because this item is part of our end of the year inventory clearance sale. Thank you for your understanding.

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