13-16.2mm Huge Authentic South Sea ROUND Pearl Necklace 14K Gold

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One of the most valuable pearl necklaces! You will be amazed by their huge sizes and round shapes and beautiful luster that only genuine Australian South Sea Pearls can have. They are the most unique and rarest especially for their huge sizes from 13mm-16.2mm that no other kinds of pearls can have.

Amazingly beautiful and impressive. All natural!  This pearl necklace is a gorgeous and exquisite strand made of amazing white South Sea pearls, all in truly round shape with a high luster.  Even when they do come with some markings and spots on them, which is why they are graded AA+ quality, these pearls are truly beautiful and natural as they are proudly and pleasantly showing that they are made of nature instead of imitations, as you can see from the pictures that were taken from the actual pearl strand, with a penny to give you a sense of their huge sizes

Pearls at these sizes are very rare and its almost impossible to find them without any markings unless you can spend $50,000 and above as they do had to stay in water much longer, as we all know, the longer we live, the less likely we have the perfect skin as a younger person because we are subject to more environmental damage.

Nevertheless, this pearl necklace made of gorgeous and natural looking pearls with a beautiful luster is valued so much higher than the price here we are listing. We guarantee that you will not be able to find it at this price from anywhere else on the internet or any retail stores. With this pearl necklace, no matter where you go, you will always be remembered as the one who wears these huge sized genuine Australia south sea pearls . Because nothing else can compare!

This necklace will be treasured forever, generations after generations.

A total of 29 authentic south sea pearls will be individually strung and double hand knotted on silk thread for maximum security. It will be finished with a 14 karat yellow gold ball clasp or any other 14k gold clasp you would like from our store. The total length would be an approximately 17inch long, depending upon the clasp you would like to choose.


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