5.5-6mm Completely Round AAA Quality Pearl Studs Earrings 14KY Gold



If you wear 2 small earrings or each ear, or if you are buying for a lady or a child who loves small sized pearl studs earrings, you will find this pair of pearl studs earrings is just simply amazing. It will go with any outfit to everywhere.

Made of completely round AAA quality pearls (not button pearls) with high luster and no flaw or markings, this pair of pearl studs earrings is set in either one of the stamped 14K yellow gold settings as the pictures shown, to make it a piece of fine pearl jewelry that is guaranteed to last forever.

All of our 14k gold products truly contain 14k solid gold that has gone through the most stringent test. Because as a jewelry manufacturer, we sell these jewelry to jewelry store owners whose reputation is the most important.

For a limited time, we are selling both 5-5.5mm, and also 5.5-6mm pearls at the same prices.

We also have 7-7.5mm, 8-8.5mm, and 8.5-9mm (even bigger) ROUND pearl studs set in 14k gold available for immediate delivery. All at a fraction of retail prices which is why we sell them in hundreds of pairs to retail jewelry stores.

If the shape of the pearls is not a concern but you would prefer a larger sized pair of pearl studs from 9mm all the way to 12mm large, you can type in “ZEA1051g” as the product number to find the item. Those pearls are much larger but unlike this pair which is in completely round shape, they are round on the top, with flat surface at the bottom so we can them button pearls. For a limited time, we are selling all large sized button pearl studs at the same unbelievable low prices.

You can select 14k solid gold or silicone backings as ear backs for security. Limited quantities.

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