5-6mm High Quality White, Pink, Mauve and Black Round Pearl Strand



The pearls have very nice high luster and hardly any surface markings or flaws. You may use them not only for your average daily jewelry making but also high-end jewelry making needs.

Shown in pictures are strands of AA+ high quality (clean surface of 85% or better) round pearls at 5-6mm in sizes on a temporary loose strand at approximately 15in-15.5in long.

Available in white, pink, mauve and black colors for these sized pearls. Black colored pearls have multi-color overtone and high luster as well.

There are approximately 72 pearls on a strand. Each strand has an approximate weight of 19.2 grams.

If you would like to have pearls at lower prices, you can use pearls in semi-round shape, which we call “potato / semi-round pearls” while roundness of the pearl is not important for your jewelry-making needs. Or go for higher AAA graded pearls by searching for Product No. LRS1055R.-making needs.

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