8mm Yellow Lavender Silver Grey Peacock Rose Pink and Dark Chocolate Southsea Shell Pearl Strands


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These are 8mm sized AAA Southsea Shell(replica) pearls. These replicas are very high quality and look astonishingly real, with a beautiful luster, clean surface, and perfectly rounded shape.

Five colors of pearls are available for immediate delivery(listed from top to bottom):

Silver Grey,




Rose Pink and

Army Brown.

There are 50 pearls on each strand which has a length of almost 16″ long.

What is a South Sea Shell Pearl?

Shell pearls, which are marketed under many brand names, are a pearling industry term for simulated, or replica pearls made from mother of pearl.  In the case of our South Sea Shell pearls, they’re shell pearls specifically made to simulate South Seas cultured pearls.  Shell pearls are made in a factory rather than grown inside an oyster or mussel. They’re considered to be the best quality replicas you can get because they are made from shell, not plastic or glass.


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