9-10mm Round Black Pearl Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Heart Clasp


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If you are looking for a black pearl necklace made of large sized pearls and finished by a pure 925 sterling silver heart shaped clasp, you will love this pearl necklace.

The necklace has a total length of approximately 17in long, including the clasp, a nice length for most of ladies. The pearls are 9-10mm large, in round shape, at AA- grade are in jet black color with very few flaws or markings, to show they are genuine black pearls made of nature, instead of man-made by machines.

If the shape of pearls (round shape for this necklace) are not so important to you as long as they are real pearls, you can also check out our other similar pearl necklace in semi-round shape (Product No. SPN1095P) for lower cost from our unique pearl necklace catagory.

Guaranteed you will not be able to find another round pearl necklace at this grade and nice quality and at this unbelievable low price.

Pick out a pair of pearl earrings to match, this will be a great gift that will be treasured for ever.

Limited Quantites.

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