White 10-11mm Loose AA Drop Pearl, Undrilled
10-11mm Loose AA Drop Pearl Undrilled
February 22, 2016
Pink, White and Mauve 7-8mm Untreated Loose Potato Pearls, Sold by Ounce
7-8mm Untreated Loose Potato Pearls Sold by Ounce
February 22, 2016
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9-10mm Untreated Loose Baroque Pearls Sold by Ounce

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These loose baroque (irregular) pearls are totally untreated and sold by the ounce. There are approximately 24 pearls per ounce. They are genuine freshwater pearls. All of them are undrilled and 9-10mm in size.

As the picture shown, these pearls come with irregular shape just great to show their originality is from nature, instead of man-made. If you like irregular shape and natural rough surface look of pearls, then you will love these pearls. Add a beautiful half shell inlaid, (ZPO0099), you will make a beautiful and unique decoration and gift that nobody else has, totally organic and from the nature.

As the picture shown, these pearls are all natural multi-colored genuine pearls.


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