Beautiful Diamond Accent Single Row Pearl Necklace Clasp


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Add a glamorous touch to your single pearl necklace or bracelet with this beautiful sparkling pearl clasp.

Made of 925 pure sterling silver with layers of 18 white gold overlay to protect it from tarnishing, this pearl clasp can be worn either as a centerpiece in the front when you want to show your beautiful face and neckline with glamour, or as a regular clasp on the back to show the elegance of your pearl necklace. A great investment that is suitable for the most sensitive skin.

The clasp has a nice size with its longest dimensions approximately 5/8″ x 1/4″ for both dimensions, with diamonds accent on the top and stamped 925 (universal symbol for pure silver), on the back of the clasp.

A penny is accompanied with the clasp to show the size of the clasp.


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