Chunky Coin Pearls 13-14mm to 14-15mm on a Temporary Strand

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These AA graded, large round coin pearls are not as uniform as the rest of the coin pearls we carry, as they are not totally in round shape and have size variation from 13-14mm to 14-15mm with minor imperfections to show they are made of real pearls instead of plastics.

However, these large sized coin pearls have their one-of-a-kind character, as they are solid with thick nacre. Jewelry designers sometimes use these pearls for their specific needs to show the strong side of coin pearls by taking the pearl strands out to make individual pearl pendants, which make them hard-to-find and in demand, which is the reason we carry them.

If you are looking for coin pearls that are thin, we carry plenty of them in the coin pearls category.

The strands are about 15.5″ long, with 25-27 pearls on each strand.

Only white colored pearls are in stock. Back order might take longer if the item is running out of stock.


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