Dangling 10mm Southsea Shell Silver Pearl Earrings

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A pair of 10.5mm shell (replica) pearls earrings in perfectly round shape. It is set in stamped 925 sterling silver for pierced ears.
Newest earrings style! There are no ear backs for this pair. You can pull this earring at the back to adjust its length according to your mood for the day.

If you are looking for large pearls with excellent color, shape, luster and surface quality but would prefer not to spend astronomical amounts of money, we are confident you will be thrilled with these Southsea shell pearls. (manufactured pearl)

These southsea shell pearls are made of nacreous tissue from the same oyster that cultured Sea Pearl are made from. You must care for them in the same way that you would do to real pearls, because of their organic nature. However please note these pearls are not real pearls from oysters. They are the best imitation pearls for south sea pearls on market.
What is a South Sea Shell Pearl?

Shell pearls, which are marketed under many brand names, are a pearling industry term for simulated, or replica pearls made from mother of pearl.  In the case of our South Sea Shell pearls, they’re shell pearls specifically made to simulate South Seas cultured pearls.  Shell pearls are made in a factory rather than grown inside an oyster or mussel. They’re considered to be the best quality replicas you can get because they are made from shell, not plastic or glass.

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