Dark Green and Light Green 5-6mm Oval or Rice Pearl Strands




Rice or oval shaped pearls at 5-6mm (width) in size, AA- grade. Each strand has an approximate weight of 15.65gram.

Comparing with the higher graded rice pearls (Product No. LPSO1055), these rice pearls have a few more natural surface markings and spots, as you can see from the pictures.

However pearls at this grade would be perfect for everyday jewelry making activities. Or if you are trying to create the natural and unique effect by showing they are made of nature.

All pictures are taken from real strands with a penny to give you an idea of its size. Please click on the pictures to take a close look.

Only dark green colored pearls are in stock now.

There are approximately 52 pearls on each strand, at approximately 15″-15.5″ long.

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