Gorgeous 11-12mm Real Nucleated Round Pearl Necklace 925S Butterfly

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You can not find another deal better than this from anywhere, guaranteed!

This is truely a stunning and unbelievably beautiful pearl necklace, Guaranteed you or your gift receiver would fall in love with it! And getting noticed and receiving compliments whenever you wear it.

It is a necklace that is designed to make an impact! It is made of huge bead-nucleated freshwater pearls that are not only hard to find but also in totally round shape with incredible high luster. It does come with markings and imperfections, however, that is only to show it is made of real pearls instead of plastics.

The necklace is approximatly 17inch long. It is finished with a beautiful and larg butterfly shaped 925 sterling silver clasp. Yes 925 means pure sterling silver, and that is good for the most sensitive skin.

You can wear this necklacee in both ways, wear the beautiful clasp as a pendant in the front when you want to show your beautiful face and neck line with glamour, or wear it in the traditional way to show your elegance. Either way, these large sized real pearls will be noticed and appreciated, for their nature made character, with just a few markings here and there to show they are not man made like glass or plastic pearl beads, which are common for beads at this size.

Nucleated only means a different process of producing pearl still made of nature. Normal freshwater pearls are tissue-nucleated. But since 2009, with the development of new techniques the pearl industry, these freshwater pearls have been successfully cultured with a bead nucleus to produce a very round shape that are hard to come by, especially for pearls at such large size!

With its incredible high luster, it can be compared with Japanese akoya pearls, but only at a fraction of its price and in much larger size!

Only white colored pearl necklaces are available for immediate delivery. For custom orders, extra inch is $9 as this specific item has already been deeply discounted and this pearl necklace is on sale right now. However, right now we do have the same necklace that is 20″ long on sale in the steals & deals section.

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