Grey Colored Huge 11-12mm Sized Round Pearl Strand Nucleated

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These grey colored pearls are huge 11-12mm in sizes, in very round shape with high luster.

They will surely be noticed and appreciated, for their nature made character, with a few freckles and markings here and there, as you can see from the picture, to show they are not man made like glass or plastic pearl beads, which are common for beads at this size. If you like the beauty of natural pearls with rough surface instead smooth plastic look, then you will love these large sized pearls.

Nucleated only means a different process of producing pearl still made of nature. Normal freshwater pearls are tissue-nucleated. But since 2009, with the development of new techniques the pearl industry, these freshwater pearls have been successfully cultured with a bead nucleus to produce a very round shape that are hard to come by, especially for pearls at such large size!

There are approximately 35 pearls on each strand, approximantely 15″-15.5″ in length.

The price listed here is for one strand.


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