Mauve Thin and Large Beautiful Keshi Pearl Strands 17-19mm Rare

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Totally stunning! You will fall in love immediately with these beautiful ultra thin and large Keshi Pearl Strands.

Get a beautiful clasp to go with this rare strand and you will have a fine piece of elegant jewelry that will be a family treasure forever. Or use them piece by piece for unique, one of a kind jewelry designed by you! From a pearl pendant to a pair of earrings, the possibility is endless.

These keshi pearls are approximately 17-19mm in length and 15-17mm in width, measured from the longest dimension.

Price listed is for one strand only. Because of the way they were drilled and strung (from the top), they have more pearls on the strand than usual, approximately 48 pearls. Each strand has an approximate weight of 60gram. and is about 15.5in in length.

Because of the high demand for these rare, large pearls, our stock is very limited. Hurry and get yours today!

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