Huge Sized Baroque High AA+ Quality Pearl Necklace

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Classical pearls are getting a modern look.  Huge, unique and exotic. You will not find them at anywhere else for this price, at this quality and size, guaranteed.

These unique baroque pearls range from 10-12mm in sizes, which means these pearls had to stay in water for many longer years than their smaller counterparts.

However, they are still made of AA+ very high quality pearls which are very rare for pearls at these sizes. They have very high luster and with hardly any visible surface flaws, only very little markings just enough to show their originality from nature, rather than made of plastics, and also due to their huge sizes.

If you like beauty of baroque pearls` irregular shape and natural rough surface look, you will love this huge sized pearl necklace.

Baroque pearls is basically a specific type of pearls that is unlike their perfectly round counterparts, does not have an axis of symmetry. In other words, the left half of the pearl can be completely different in shape to its right half.

The necklace has a length of approximately 16.5″ -17″ long. Again, we can make them any length that you would like.

The silver lobster clasp is made of 925 pure sterling silver, and has 7 layers of 18k white gold over to make it to be tarnish-free.

As the pictures shown, there are several colors of pearl necklaces available:multi-colored, baby pink,  silver grey and white. Please note, the multi-colored necklaces are alternated by white, pink and mauve colored pearls.

For a limited time, we are selling multi-color(the top picture), white/pink(the bottom picture), baby pink, Chocolate, white, red, orchid, apricot, and rose pink colors at the same price as for 10-11mm pearls.

You may also order length that you would like. Every extra inch costs $7.00 only.

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