Large 8-8.5mm High Quality Pearl Necklace White or Black Pearls 14ct gold

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A classical necklace made of some of the rarest and largest pearls. These pearls are rare because in order to grow to this size, the pearls had to stay in the oyster underwater twice as long as much smaller sizes (making them more prone to irregularities during growth) while still maintaining a nice regular shape making them more valuable and rarer.

Please note all of our pearls are graded for their quality difference at higher standards than most other strands that are being sold on eBay or other places. If you want those pearls that are not graded or in semi-round shape, we can provide you with much lower prices than anyone else since all other retailers have to buy from us as they do not own their pearl farm.

This necklace is made of high AA+ quality pearls at sizes from 8-8.5mm with high luster. The pearls are well-matched and round shape with minimal surface flaws and markings.

This necklace is available in multi-black and white colored pearls for you to choose from.The necklace is approximately 17″ and secured with a 14 kt solid gold clasp.

Every extra inch only costs $13.

If you need to alter the length, be it 36″ or 100″, all you need to do is to fill in the Special Order Request Comment field when you are checking out, and authorize us to charge the extra inch(es) on the same credit card that you are using when you place the order. You will get an email immediately as your receipt.

After your special order is completed, you will receive another email for the extra inch(es) confirmation. That is when you know your special order has been completed and will be shipped.

We cannot offer credit back if you want to shorten the length due to the additional labor involved to shorten it. However there will be no labor charge either for shortening the necklace.

Depending upon the shipping method that you choose, it can take from 1 day to 8 days max. to complete your order.

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