Length Drilled 9x16mm White Pink or Mauve Colored Peanut Pearl Strand



These pearls have sizes approximately 9x16mm or so in both dimensions at 15-15.5in long. They are length drilled with very high luster. Very natural and organic.

These pearls are perfect to create your unique piece of jewelry design as they have an unusual shape just like peanuts since two pearls were indeed growing up together and stuck together when they were in the oyster under the water.

There are approximately 25 pearls on each strand. Each strand has an approximate weight of 35gram.

Pictures are taken from real strands with a penny to give you a real sense of pearl size. Besides white colored pearls (middle), we also have multi-colored with pink and mauve pearls (bottom), as well as mauve colored pearls (top) in stock. Please use the dropdown menu to choose your preferred color.

Price is for one strand of pearls only.

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