Large Open on Top Adjustable Sized 925 S Silver Ring Setting


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A large, heavy and sturdy, adjustable sized, 925S Silver Ring Setting with open on the top, although hard to see as the opening is right under the needle to allow a comfortable fit. It will It will fit any sized finger.

It is made of 925 pure sterling silver pearl ring setting without any diamonds at a size approximately 5/8″ x 7/8″ and weighs about 2.8 grams.

As with all of our silver products, this ring setting is crafted out of 925 sterling silver (an universal symbol for pure silver stamped on it) with 7 layers of 18K white gold over to protect it against tarnishing.

It will accommodate any pearls or gemstones under 10mm. You can choose a loose individual pearl to get a complete look.


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