Preserved Pearl Oyster with 5-6mm AA- Round Pearl



Wow! You`ll be shocked when you open your very own oyster to find a good quality round pearls inside. Round Pearls are very rare with freshwater oysters and this AA- grade round pearl should have a good luster and only minor blemishing. The pearl in the oyster is 7-8mm in size and very round in shape. Give that special someone in your life this one of a kind gift.

If you`d like to take your pearl and turn it into a keepsake you`ll be able to treasure forever we also sell 925 sterling silver cages and 925 sterling silver chains to make necklaces from. You can also choose our love pearl gift set or wish pearl gift set as a perfect gift for that special someone.

Please DO NOT EAT, not edible, can be harmful!

Please note: Once shipped out, the oysters will die during transit. It`s currently not possible for us to ship living aquatic animals safely to a destination. Please note that all pearls inside are manually placed in the oysters and they are re-sealed prior to shipping. We currently do not have the ability to offer oysters with pearls still inside their sacs.

Attention customers outside of U.S.:  We are not able to ship this item to international addresses because of spoilage.  We can however, ship our oysters preserved in a can to any destination. Use item number ZPO0098A to order this for just $6.97!

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