Rare 13-14mm A quality Length Drilled Baroque Pearl Strand

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These are not your ordinary pearls. Not only are they huge and have an amazing luster, but they are very rare and hard to come by. Depending upon how you measure them, they range between 13-14mm. There are a total of 27-30 pearls on one strand at 15.5-16in long. Each pearl has its own personality and uniqueness attached to it. You won`t find pearls this large, this nice, at this price anywhere else, guaranteed.

The pearls used here rated as A quality. Because they had to stay in the water longer and subject to more environmental hazards, they do come with a little surface markings, just as freckles for an older person.

Whatever jewelry you choose to make with these pearls will be magnificent!

These pictures are taken of real strands with a penny next to them to give you a sense of the size. However, these pictures do not do any real justice to these amazing strands of pearls. You have to see them to believe them.

White pearl strands are available for immediate delivery. Shop now for the best selection.

If you want to purchase same sized pearls but much higher quality, we also have them on sale for less than $110, and buy 3 you will get 1 for FREE. Just search for product number LPSRZ1314.

If you have never purchased A quality pearls before, please read!

Most of the pearls offered on our website are at least AA- quality, more commonly AA, AA+ and AAA quality. However, we do offer A quality for our customers who have been requesting to have more natural looking pearls or for our customers that are just on a budget. Although our A quality pearls might still be better than you buy from eBay, they do have more natural dents or rings and tend to have more surface markings than higher graded pearl strands. If you are looking for better quality pearls with fewer surface markings, then these are not the right pearls for you. These pearls have more of a natural, straight from the water look to them which can certainly be appreciated. Please choose the grade of the pearls which mostly suitable for your needs because your satisfaction is our highest goal.

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