Why Us

Cultured Pearls and Beads Direct from Wholesaler

Stop Paying Middlemen’s Profits – How?

1. We Have Own Pearl Farms

pearl farms

Most stores do not have their own pearl farms to supply them with freshly harvested freshwater pearls. The owners either have to travel long distances to buy pearls and bring them back, or get them from a distributor or importer. You pay for transport either way – and then you have to choose from a limited supply of cultured pearls harvested weeks or months ago.

With OrientalPearls.net, you get pearls harvested only days before, from our own operating pearl farms offshore China! We can provide you with the exact type of freshwater pearl you are looking for, and our pearls are fresh out of the oysters to ensure that you get only the best freshwater pearls.

2. Our Pearl Farms Produce Premium Quality Pearls

premium quality pearls

China pearls have been recognized world-wide as the highest quality pearls due to revolutionized pearl nucleation and culturing processes that make saltwater and freshwater techniques indistinguishable. Our cultured and colored pearls are in high demand all over the world by pearl jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and fine jewelry shops. Learn more about freshwater pearls processing and China pearls here.

3. We Serve Mostly Repeating Customers

bridal jewelry

We have customers who found us on line for almost 10years, and are still with us today from all over the world, from UK to Spain to Canada to USA. Unlike many fly by night pearl retailers who sell pearl jewelry with a thin nacre and low standards expecting to only make one sale to each customer, we pride ourselves on our strong repeat customer base. All of our freshwater pearls have thick nacre to meet jewelry standards internationally, meaning we continually satisfy our repeating customers – who include jewelers and store owners across the world! Check out our pearl quality grading system to see for yourself; we guarantee every pearl we sell..

4: We Ship Pearls and Pearl Jewelry Direct at 1 Low Flat Rate

loose pearls

You get the most cost effective shipping options, with 1 low flat rate, starting from $4.99. We ship almost all of orders directly from our San Diego, California office in the USA. Since we are the suppliers, we have no need to hide, we can ship your special orders directly from our manufacturing unit overseas. That saves time and money when you need your special order shipped fast!.

5. We have the Largest Selections for freshwater Pearls and Pearl Jewelry

The reason we can say that we have the largest selections on line is because we do have more than 10,000 different colored pearls and pearl jewelry in our store already. As you can see for each product we carry, we often have quite a few colors for you to choose from. But also because what we have are freshwater pearl farms, that is all we specialize in. That is why we can process any colored pearls in any shape for all of our wholesalers and jewelry designers, since we also have our own manufacturing unit, so all it takes to make whatever customer wants is just a few extra days, that one difference from all online stores or websites is basically making our selections endless as we can make whatever our customers want, not to mention the existing inventory in stock, which is why we say we have the largest selections.

6. We Give you the Highest Value for your Money

drop pearl earrings, 925 silver

How can we say that? We provide pearls and pearl jewelry to others! Need to see an actual price comparison for? Let’s choose the one most people can see. Take a look at the catalog from Kohls’ for March 7-14, 2012, for the same kind of cultured freshwater pearl earrings in sterling silver pearl earrings, their regular store price is $100, and it is on sale for $39.99/pr, with their final sale price at $35.99, you will find the same pearls in sterling silver earrings (ZEA1010) are selling for $14.99 from our store. That is how you get the highest value for your money! You can use the $21 you saved from that pair of pearl earrings to buy a multi colored pearl necklace next to the earrings (from us) that they are selling for $69.99 with their regular store price of $200.

That is why we can give you the best price you deserve without paying for any middlemens’ profits, for high quality freshwater pearls and pearl jewelry, custom-made to your specifications. We personally guarantee that if you don’t like your order to 100% extent, we’ll work with you to make it right. Because our goal is to add you to our repeating customer list!

7. One Last Reason to Buy Pearls From OrientalPearls.net:

U.S. officeSince we are a USA based wholesaler and pearl supplier, you are fully protected under all U.S. laws and legislation for consumers. A company which has been an outstanding BBB member online since 2002, we have been serving the globe with our family owned and operated pearl farms. This means you are not only fully protected as a consumer, but you can take advantage of the lowest possible wholesale prices as well. That is our promise…