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Black pearls, white pearls, pink pearls, champagne pearls, brown pearls, blue pearls, chocolate pearls, green pearls or red pearls, whatever colored pearls you need, we can get them for you. White, pink and mauve colored pearls are nature pearls, we can process any other colored pearls for you. The most popular colored pearls are also in stock as:

Chocolate pearls are hot right now, find all of the chocolate or brown pearl jewelry here.

Black or Peacock colored pearls always in demand. Find out what we have for black pearls jewelry here.

White pearls are suitable for anybody, and any occasion. Find all kinds of white pearl jewelry here.

Pink pearls are great gifts for any women, from a young girl to an elderly co-worker. Find your dreamy pink pearl jewelry here.

Blue pearls are for that special lady who have already got everything in her jewelry box. Take a look at what we got for all blue colored pearl jewelry here.

Champagne pearls or gray colored pearls are always in style. Find all champagne pearls or gray pearl jewelry here.

Green pearls for the shy and quiet type youngest. You deserve to have at least a few pieces of this authentic pearl jewelry for yourself. Find green pearl jewelry here.

Cranberry pearls are versatile stones that can fit into any atmosphere, any event and make any type of statement that the wearer chooses. Find cranberry pearl jewelry here.

we provide high quality long last pearls coloring service, therefore, it may take longer especially if you need darked colored pearls. so please give us at least 1-2month time to allow ample time for us to process your pearls color to your maximum satisfaction. For certain really dark colored pearls like jet black pearls, it may even take longer than that. Hope you do understand that pearl coloring is a lengthy process just as pearls culturing, especially when our ultimate goal is to provide the best coloring service for you.

Any colored pearls you need, we will have them processed for you! That is a Promise

process pearl colorSpecify the color of your pearls, we will process it for you

Pearl colors indicated below can aid you in determining which color you need. You can use this as a reference guide. If you do not see the pearl color that you would like, just send us a sample so we can process them for you.

round pearl strandChoose your preferred pearls in any size, quantity and shape

Pearls come in a variety of colors, whether crested by nature or processed by human for jewelry designing purpose. Black, pink, lavender and pure white pearls are available for purchase. Choose your preferred pearls by shape, be it round or baroque, and size from 1mm to 12mm.

round pearl strandDrop us an email and we will do all the rest.

It does not matter what color you choose, red, blue, champagne, brown or green, if you need any specific color for your special jewelry design, we can process any kind of pearls in any color for you with free of charge, no matter what quantity you need, be it 1 strands or 10 strands, the processing fee is free. For bigger sized or unique shaped strands, the price will be different based on its rarity and high value. Email [email protected] for a detailed price and time quote on your design.


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