Cranberry Pearl Jewelry

Cranberry or Red Colored Pearls and Pearl Jewelry

Direct from Pearl Farms @ Lowest Wholesale Prices

With our own freshwater pearl farm behind us, we have cranberry or colored pearls in all sizes and shapes. The following are just some samples. But if you type “cranberry” in our search, you will see all, from half-drilled as individual pearls, to be used for pendants, earrings or rings; or drilled in various ways or larger sized holes as temporary loose strands. You will get them at the lowest wholesale prices, how can we guarantee that?

Cranberry Potato Pearls($12.97)

7-8mm Side drilled Pearls

7-8mm Side drilled Pearls

Cranberry Round Pearls($59.99)

9-10mm Cranberry Round Pearls

9-10mm High Quality Pearls

Cranberry Baroque Pearls($6.49)

8-9mm Irregular Shaped Pearls

8-9mm Irregular Shaped Pearls

Multi-strand Bracelet($19.97)

5-6mm Rice Pearl Bracelet

5-6mm Rice Pearl Bracelet

Cranberry Keshi Pearls($10.97)

5-7mm Keshi Seed Pearls

5-7mm Keshi Seed Pearls

Cranberry Rice Pearls($12.99)

7-8mm Cranberry Rice Pearls

7-8mm Rice or Drop Pearls

The Power of the Cranberry Pearls

cranberry pearls

If you like to look your best and create that atmosphere where people can’t seem to take their eyes off you, then you are the perfect candidate for the cranberry pearls.

cranberry pearl braceletAlthough this may be taking the power of the cranberry pearls to the extreme but they deserve that type of recognition. There is no way that the elegance and history of the white pearls should be downplayed. This is expected of the white or pink pearls, but with the cranberry pearls they are intriguing. People look at them and seem to find their own mystery about them. This creates an illusion that the wearer of such fine cranberry pearl jewelry must be a mystery as well.

Any individual that chooses to wear cranberry pearls can make them work for all occasions. For example, a triple row of cranberry pearl bracelet blends perfectly with the office attire. It speaks of wisdom because of the choice the wearer made as well as good taste in being able to discern quality when one sees it.

For nightwear, the cranberry pearl earrings arranged in a variety of settings is most certain to be the attention grabber of the fashion conscious. Even those that don`t put a lot of emphasis on jewelry find it difficult to keep their eyes off these intriguing pearls, because cranberry pearls are versatile that can fit into any atmosphere, any event and make any type of statement that the wearer chooses.

Cranberry Pearls and Pearl Jewelry

Combine all of these assets that the cranberry pearls have with the quality and the most reasonable prices being offered here, and there just is simply no decision making when it comes to other types of stones.

One of the advantages of shopping for your pearls here, the many choices you have in the shades of cranberry as well. If you want that lighter colored pearls, no problem, but if you want just that hint of smoke you can have that as well. Then don’t forget the fine selection of cranberry pearls to be found here as well.

pearl settings

About the only argument left to not wanting to purchase the cranberry pearls maybe cause one thinks that although the pearl is an exquisite gem it is a common one. This is true for its been around for centuries.

Here however you can design your one of a kind piece of cranberry pearl jewelry the way you want it to be. We can quickly and easily put together any combination of cranberry pearl jewelry you desire that are available here at at the cheapest prices you will find.

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