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Pink Pearls or Pink Pearl Jewelry

Buy Pink Pearls Directly from the Pearl Farms and $ave!

pink pearls


Pink pearls are known to create that gentle, sweet look on any woman. They are natural and come out of the oysters with a subtle pink color in various shades. From baby pink to hot pink, we have every shade of pink!

Loose Pink Pearls($0.49 & up)

loose pink Pearls

Pearls from 1mm to 20mm+

Pink Pearl Earrings($66.97)

8-9mm Drop Pearl 14K Gold Earrings

8-9mm Drop Pearl Gold Earrings

Pink Pearl Necklace($53.99)

8-9mm AA Round Pearl Necklace

8-9mm AA Round Pearl Necklace

Our individual pink pearl or loose pearls on temporary strands start from $3.49 per strand. Our best selling pink pearl jewelry set of 3 in 925 sterling silver at only $59.99, including a pink pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, and a pair of pearl earrings. Or you can choose a pink pearl jewelry set for bridesmaids starting at $75.99 for the whole set.

Without the Internet, we would never have the opportunity of serving you directly online from our pearl farms. We would be still only available to business vendors and store owners at trade shows and conventions.

Pink Baroque Pearls($4.99)

6-7mm Irregular Pearls

6-7mm Irregular Pearls

Pink Potato Pearls($7.49)

7-8mm Potato Pearls

Potato Pearls with Dents

Pink Round Pearls($27.99)

7-8mm Round Pearls

7-8mm Real Pearls

Pink Keshi Pearls($129.99)

17-19mm Keshi Pearls

17-19mm Large Pearls

Pink Button Pearls($9.99)

2-3mm Button Pearls

2-3mm Seed Pearls

Pink Coin Pearls($27.99)

9-10mm Coin Pearls

9-10mm Coin Pearls

Pink Rice Pearls($19.99)

8-9mm Drop Pearls

8-9mm Drop Pearls

Pink Peanut Pearls($31.99)

9x16mm Peanut Pearls

9x16mm Quality Pearls

Pink Biwa Pearls($14.99)

Pink Biwa Pearls

Length-Drilled Pearls

There are two ways to find the pink pearl necklaces, pink pearl bracelet, pink pearl earrings,round pink pearls, pink button pearls, pink rice pearls, pink nugget pearls, pink coin pearls,cross pearl in pink, pink biwa pearl strands, or whatever type of pink pearls you are looking for:

  • Type “pink” in the Search Box.
  • Order any pink pearl jewelry in our store. We have pink pearls available for any kind of pearl jewelry that you see from our store. Even it is not listed there, just indicate it in the comment field when you are check out as a special order, you will be get it within 2 weeks. No additional cost!

loose pink pearls

Buying pink pearls?

We have any kind pearl in pink color in any shapes: from round pink pearls, pink button pearls, pink rice pearls, pink nugget pearls, pink coin pearls,cross pearl in pink, pink biwa pearl strands,top drilled peanut pink pearls, and in many other sizes. You can have any of these pink pearls to be customized as your own unique pink pearl jewelry.

Have you thought what it would be like to wear a beautiful pink pearl necklace that is made from genuine pearls instead of plastic imitations?

Especially when:

  • It gives you the same beautiful and natural look as your friends who spent hundreds or thousands of dollars, but at a fraction of the price they paid for.
  • It is not only made from genuine pearls or mother-of-pearls, but also especially for you, because they can be made at your size, length, and specifications.

What kind of pink pearls or pink pearl jewelry are you looking for?

Why pay retail when you can get it at wholesale? Why wear a fake pearl necklace when you can get a genuine pink pearl necklace for less?

Pink Pearl Pendant and Earrings

Pink Pearl Necklaces and Sets

Pink Pearl Brooch to any outfit and you are impeccably dressed. A beautiful piece of pearl jewelry to add flair to your wardrobeanytime and anywhere More…

Pink Pearl Ring to supplement your other pearl jewelry? Or just love to wear a pink pearl ring to match your favorite pink dress? You`ve come to the right place! More…

Loose pink Pearls – From undrilled pink round large sized pearls to half-drilled pink pearls for making your own earrings and pendants; you can find in this department, and we can drill them in any way you want! More…

Pink Pearl Strands From pink coin pearls to keshi pearls to pink biwa pearls to pink nugget shaped pearls, whatever you need, we can special order the pink pearl strands for you even if you do not see them in stock. More…

Buying Pink Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry made of natural pink colored real pearls are a rare commodity that is usually associated with those who can afford expensive jewelry. Now they are affordable to anyone who wants an exquisite and elegant look without breaking the bank!
custom made for free
You can order any pearl jewelry in our store, to be made of any shade of pink colored pearls or any other pastel color. Whatever shade you want, we have the pink pearls in the entire pearl farm for your choosing.

You can order any naturally colored pink pearls and complete it with any one of the pearl clasps from our store for a fine piece of jewelry at the lowest wholesale cost from our store. It will be guaranteed to be a favorite in any jewelry collection. Don`t delay, get your pink pearl jewelry TODAY!

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