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Pink Pearls Necklace in All Sizes & Shades, Custom Made for YOU!

Pink pearls are soft and romantic. A pink pearl necklace is a perfect gift for any occasion for any girl or lady as the color pink has always been tied to young women and ladies. In fact, pink is the color of love. Pink pearl necklaces can be found in many different styles. You can find them in single, long, short and multiple strands. You can find them in graduated, long ropes, chokers and pendants.

Solid Gold Necklace($89.99)

Add a Pearl Necklace in 14k Solid Yellow Gold

Add a Pearl Necklace 14K

Long Pink Necklace($64.99)

36inch Long Round Pearl Necklace 925 Silver

36inch Long Pearl Necklace

Pink Pearl Necklace($53.99)

8-9mm AA Round Pearl Necklace Magnetic Clasp

8-9mm Pearls Magnetic Clasp

Pink pearl necklaces can also be accented with diamonds, crystals and mother of pearl. Amazing necklaces can be made by combining pearls in different shades of pink, such as this one from baby pink to very bright pink. No matter what shade of pink you are looking for, just do a search of keyword “pink”, you will find it, or just email/live chat with us.

As women we should try to wear more pearls because they will make us look younger. Unlike the white pearls, pink pearls give youth and vibrancy to the wearer. They symbolize health and longevity. They actually reflect light onto the face! A pink pearl necklace would make a great bridesmaid gift and even more so if the theme is the color pink. Pale pink pearls can be lovely for the attendants. You could even mix white pearls with pink pearls accents for that special sparkle. You may want to use pink pearls and clear crystals for a fairy tale feeling, bright pink and white pearls or pale pink pearls with chocolate brown. Pink pearls are perfect for evening wear, night wear, party dresses, weddings and more.

Pink Pearl Necklaces in Any Shapes

“Stylish Necklaces”, choose your pink colored pearls from coin pearls to rice pearls to biwa pearls or any other shaped pearls in any style, pink pearls alone or with other semi gemstones or crystals. Then you should:

Check Out our Pink Pearl Necklaces in a Unique Style

It does not matter which style you are looking for; our pink pearl Necklaces are made of real cultured pearls, finished by either a 925 sterling silver or 14k solid gold clasp at the discounted lowest wholesale cost that is guaranteed to be a great addition to any jewelry collection.

You can type “pink” in the Search Box with product category or price range to get an idea for what kind of item interests you.

Pink in your life can give you the following:

  • calmer feelings
  • get rid of disorder
  • relaxation
  • acceptance and contentment

Pink Baroque Pearls($4.99)

6-7mm Irregular Pearls

6-7mm Irregular Pearls

Pink Potato Pearls($7.49)

7-8mm Potato Pearls

Potato Pearls with Dents

Pink Round Pearls($27.99)

7-8mm Round Pearls

7-8mm Real Pearls

Pink Keshi Pearls($129.99)

17-19mm Keshi Pearls

17-19mm Large Pearls

Pink Button Pearls($9.99)

2-3mm Button Pearls

2-3mm Seed Pearls

Pink Coin Pearls($27.99)

9-10mm Coin Pearls

9-10mm Coin Pearls

Pink Rice Pearls($19.99)

8-9mm Drop Pearls

8-9mm Drop Pearls

Pink Peanut Pearls($31.99)

9x16mm Peanut Pearls

9x16mm Quality Pearls

Pink Biwa Pearls($14.99)

Pink Biwa Pearls

Length-Drilled Pearls

What are the things to consider when buy pink pearls?

One aspect to consider is the shade or color tone. Pearls come in several shades of pink; it all depends on your personal preferences. Don`t forget you can always specify the overtone that you like in the comment field when you are making your purchase. It might take a few extra days for us to pick them out from our pearl farms, but we can definitely find the shade of pink that you have requested.

Another important aspect to consider is size because SIZE DOES MATTER! Smaller pearls look beautiful and charming on young and older girls. Bigger ones look stunning on adults. These pink pearls will go well with any ensemble for any occasion, albeit a board meeting or a cocktail party.

Pink pearl necklaces are made with cultured pearls. The color is from the kind of oyster and the climate and water conditions. You can find these pearls at good prices and lustrous shiny finishes. Pink pearl necklaces are romantic and alluring. They can fit into any event and will make you the talk of everyone involved and even make you look younger. If you want something that will make you look alluring then try a pink pearl necklace. Not only will it make you look sexy, it will change your emotions and feelings for the better. What women wouldn’t love to feel more relaxed?

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