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June’s Gemstone: A Pearl for Every Personality

Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 1:49 am
Category: Pearl Jewelry

June has finally arrived, and if you have a birthday in June or just know your stuff, you may already know that June’s gemstone is the pearl. This puts pearl jewelry of all kinds in high demand, so when purchasing a gift for you or yourself, make sure to assess your options carefully!

v1An obvious gift for any adventurous spirit or young lady is a wish pearl. A wish pearl necklace is an unforgettable gift, and that’s because you don’t know what you’re getting until you open the can! Every Wish pearl set comes with a sterling silver chain, a cage for the pearl, and the pearl itself, which is stored in a can of liquid solution. The pearls come in varying colors, which all mean different fortunes for the wearer!

Each necklace chain is coated in 7 layers of 18k white gold to protect it from tarnishing, so your wishing pearl necklace is a gift to be treasured for a long time to come.

v2If you want to know exactly what bang you’re getting for your buck, a straightforward option may be better for you. Any fashion experts already know that Chanel’s long pearl necklaces are hot topics, so if you’re lacking one or want another to double up, this is the time to splurge. You can do so much with this almost 36 inch long necklace, especially when you have more than one!

These long pearl necklaces are made with hand-picked round pearls, and knotted individually to make sure there is no variation in the arrangements. They are lustrous and bear no unsightly scuffs or markings, so no matter how sleek the outfit, these pearls will make the cut.

The necklace comes in many colors, including white, pink, muave, and black, so if mixing colors if your style, think about ordering a variety!

v3Have a taste for the big, bold, all-natural look? A statement necklace may be the perfect buy this season, especially with eclectic styles coming into mainstream fashion. These baroque pearls are huge in size, and completely unique. No two are exactly the same, and together they can make an exciting necklace. Each strand has approximately 13-14 pearls, and their sizes vary from 18mm to a whopping 30 mm. Every single one is different, whether it’s in shape, color, or size, so they will catch eyes from every new angle.

Popular among jewelry makers, these pearls can be taken off the strand and re-worked into other pieces of jewelry to be re-sold. They are fully drilled, so there’s nothing stopping you from setting them in silver, restringing them, or wearing the whole strand as a necklace.

For those looking for personality in their next piece of pearl jewelry, these will not disappoint.







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