Wishing Pearl Gift Set w/ 16in or 18in 925 Sterling Silver Chain and a Pearl Cage

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Wish pearl – a wish waiting to come true, is a very unique and unforgettable gift, good for any gift giving occasion!

Please note that only the chain is pure sterling silver, the cage is base metal with gold overlay. Only ZPO1002B has all pure sterling silver settings.

Our stamped 925 sterling silver necklace is not only thick and sturdy, but also it has 7 layers of 18k white gold over to protect it from regular silver tarnish. It makes our wishing pearl necklace a fine jewelry that can be treasured for a long, long time.

This set is not the same as those fake ones being sold on the market.

These contain beautiful REAL pearls, (YES. Beware of those who would not tell you if their pearls are real or not), inside of real oysters which makes them lots of fun to open!

If you want to upgrade to an 18in long chain for just $0.99, click here.

The oyster is packaged in a container with a special liquid solution that dramatically simulates the natural oyster environment. The pearl will measure anywhere from 5-7mm. It takes three to five years for the oyster to produce the pearl at this size.

The beautiful cage design of this easy-to-open pendant allows the pearl to be worn, protected, and is also included in the set. You can also choose the pearl gift box set including a pair of pearl studs earrings and an extension chain by searching for “ZPO1002b” or click the link here.

It starts by saying: “You and your very special pearl Graced by the earliest of Greek Gods, and throughout ancient and medieval history, pearl has been recognized as one of the most precious of divine gifts. Indeed it symbolizes mystery and mystique since the beginning of the human beings` history. Because it is accepted universally as a symbol of honor, it may represent “A Wish Waiting to Come True.” Each pearl must remain within the shell until being opened by that very special person. Only then will it reveal its unique beauty…”

Make a wish before you open the can. What are you wishing for?

White pearl for Wisdom
Cream pearl for Success
Peach for Health
Purple for Wealth

Then you open the can, then open the shell… and inside is a real pearl!

Is that the color you were hoping for?

There are several different designs of boxes in stock:

Chocolate Gift Box
Lavender Gift Box w/ Flowers (sold out)
Pink Gift Set (sold out)
Red Gift Box w/ Little Bear
Red Gift Box w/ Rabbit
Red/White Gift Box w/ Rabbit
Yellow Gift Box.

Please DO NOT EAT and DRINK. It is not edible, and can be harmful!

If you would like to upgrade the pearl cage to a stamped 925 sterling silver heart shaped cage or a stamped 925 sterling silver round cage, click here.

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Wishing Pearl Gift Set in

Chocolate Gift Box, Lavender Gift Box w/ Flowers, Pink Gift Set, Red Gift Box w/ Little Bear, Red Gift Box w/ Rabbit, Red/White Gift Box w/ Rabbit, Yellow Gift Box, Red Colored Love pearl Gift box



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