Making High End Pearls Jewelry @ Wholesale

The beauty and elegance of pearls have captured the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts for centuries. While pearls are often associated with luxury and high-end jewelry, it’s now possible to create your own high-end pearl jewelry using real pearls directly from pearl farms at wholesale prices.

Thanks to advancements in technology and globalization, it’s now easier than ever to purchase pearls online directly from pearl farms. By purchasing pearls directly online from, you can avoid the markup that often comes with buying pearls from traditional retail stores. This means that you can get a much better deal on high-quality pearls, whether you’re looking for single loose pearls, pearl strands, or other jewelry findings.

Single Pearl, Pearl Strands & Jewelry Findings, Pearl Earrings, Pendant, Ring Settings & DIY Tools

Glue, Needles… Whatever You Need for making your own Jewelry

In addition to purchasing pearls at wholesale prices, you can also find other tools and materials needed to make your own high-end pearl jewelry. This includes jewelry glue, thread, needles, clasps, and other findings that can be used to create your own unique designs.

One of the great benefits of making your own pearl jewelry is that you have complete control over the design and quality of the final product. You can mix and match different pearl colors, sizes, and shapes to create a truly unique piece that reflects your personal style and taste.

Loose Pearls($0.39+)

Loose Individual Pearls

Loose Pearl Strands($1.99+)

Freshwater Pearl Strands in All Shapes and Sizes

Pearl Clasps($59.99+)

Pearl Clasps in Base Metal, Silver and Solid Gold

Pearl Pendant Settings($2.09)

Pearl Pendant Settings

Pearl Earrings Settings($33.49)

Pearl Earrings Settings

Pearl Ring Settings($11.47)

Pearl Ring Settings in Sterling Silver

Pearl Needles($4.49)

Needles for Stringing Pearls

Thread for Pearls($9.99)

Japanese Polyester Thread for Stringing Pearl

Jewelry Glue($5.99)

Jewelry and Craft Glue 2-Part Mixture

  • Other semi-gemstones and beads, from jade to genuine coral beads to turquoise beads to mother-of-pearls.
  • Pearl jewelry making DIY tools – You can buy directly online from us for glue, thread, etc. If you need other jewelry making tools and supplies from pliers, to drilling machines, we can also custom order them direct from our manufacturers at a guaranteed low cost.

Find everything for your jewelry making needs here:

Whether you’re a professional jeweler or a beginner, there are many resources available to help you get started in making your own pearl jewelry. When it comes to pearls, it does not matter what kind of pearls you are looking for, be it round pearl, button pearl, rice pearl, potato pearl, nugget pearl, keshi pearl, coin pearl, southsea shell pearls or even jade or other beads that you use to mix with pearl jewelry. We have them all!

Purchasing real pearls directly from pearl farms at wholesale prices and making your own high-end pearl jewelry is a great way to get more value for your money while creating unique and personalized pieces. With the right tools and resources, anyone can become a master at making their own pearl jewelry and enjoy the timeless beauty of pearls for years to come.

Loose Drop Pearls($39.99)

Loose Drop Pearls

Large 12-13mm Pearls

Baroque Pearls($9.47/ounce)

Multi Color 10-11mm Untreated Loose Baroque Pearls Sold by Ounce

Multi Color 10-11mm Pearls

Loose Round Pearls($3.49&up)

Loose Round Pearls From 1mm to 15mm

From 1mm to 15mm in Size

Loose Shell Pearls($0.79&up)

Loose Shell Pearls From 6mm to 16mm in Size

From 6mm to 16mm in Size

Loose Button Pearls($0.97)

7-8mm Half-Drilled AA Quality Button Pearl in All Colored Pearls

7-8mm Pearl All Colors

Loose Baroque Pearls($79.99+)

Un-Drilled Huge White Pink Mauve Baroque Pearls 18x30mm High Quality

18x30mm Baroque Pearls

Loose Tahitian Pearls($169.97)

11.5-12mm Loose Round Tahitian Pearl AAA High Quality Half Drilled

11.5-12mm AAA Pearls

Loose Keshi Pearls($49.97)

Top Drilled or Un-drilled Huge 20mm Keshi Pearl High Luster and Rare

Huge 20mm Keshi Pearls

Loose Edison Pearls($24.97+)

Edison Golden Colored Round Pearls All Sizes from 10-15mm UnDrilled High Quality

10-15mm Golden Pearls

Loose Irregular Pearls($9.47)

Loose Irregular Shaped Pearls – One-of-a Kind

One-of-a Kind Pearl

Loose Coin Pearls($4.97+)

All shaped Coin Pearls

All shaped Coin Pearl

Loose Biwa Pearls($4.49)

Loose Biwa Pearls in White Pink and Mauve

Loose Stick Pearls

Pearl Settings For Jewelry Making

We have a huge variety of pearl settings for jewelry making needs. If you would like any pearl jewelry settings in our store to be made in a different material, such as plated yellow gold over silver, we can make it. Just email us the product numbers with your special request.
18K Yellow Gold Cable Chain Adjustable Bolo Style with Pearl Settings

14k Gold or 925 Sterling Silver Findings for Pearls and Loose Temporary Strands to Make your Jewelry

There is no minimum order or quantity limit for these pearl strands, just straightforward low prices. You can either get them from our existing stock below for immediate delivery, or if you have a special item, you can have your pearls directly shipped out from our pearl farms in China. You can get any naturally colored pearls at any time for your jewelry making needs!

Loose Pearl Strands and Pearl Jewelry

rice pearls

Rice or Oval Shaped Pearls, from 1mm all the way to 15mm in 20+ colors

See all rice pearl strands

round pearls

Round Pearls on Temporary Strands From 1mm to 15mm in nature colors

See all round pearl strands

button pearls

Button or Flat Pearls, From 1mm seed pearls all the way to 17mm in 4 colors

See all button pearl strands

coin pearls

Coin Pearls in Square, Round or Rectangular Shapes, Center Drilled or Side Drilled

See all coin pearl strands

potato pearls

Potato or Semi-Round Pearls on Temporary Strands from 3mm with 30+ Colors

See all potato pearl strands

keshi pearls

Cornflake or Keshi Pearls from Baby Keshi to Large & Rare sizes on Temporary Strands

See all keshi pearl strands

baroque pearls

Nugget or Baroque Shaped Pearls From 3mm to 35mm or even 40mm Huge Pearls in 20+ colors

See baroque pearl strands

biwa pearls

Long Stick or Biwa Loose Pearls on temporary strands, Center Drilled or Cross Drilled

See all biwa pearl strands

majorica pearls

Southsea shell beads in all sizes and colors for you to make your stunning piece of jewelry that rivals real south sea pearls

See all shell pearl strands

cross pearls

Cross or Crucifix Shaped Pearls, top drilled, length drilled or diagonally drilled

See all corss pearl strands

jade beads

Real Jade Beads from 4mm to 16mm in Round or Oval or rice Shape

See all jade bead strands

agate beads

Natural Agate Beads from 4mm to 12mm in Round or Dropped Shapes

See all agate bead strands

coral beads

High Quality Natural Coral Beads, from round, tube, drum to rice shapes

See all coral bead strands

purple crystal beads

Crystal Beads on Temporary Strands from 4mm to 10mm in Clear and Purple Colors

See all crystal beads

tigers eye beads

Genuine Tigers Eye Beads on Temporary Strands from 4mm to 20mm

See all tigers eye beads

mother of pearl strands

Mother of Pearl Beads in all sizes and colors for you to make your natural jewelry

See all Mother of pearls

Customized Order – Be Unique and Different

18K Yellow Gold Cable Chain Adjustable Bolo Style with Pearl Settings

We can use any of these pearls to custom design pearl jewelry according to your preferred beads size, colors, and length. Our pearl farms produce all kinds of pearls. And our workers make pearl jewelry for jewelers and store owners all over the world, which means we receive the lowest wholesale cost on everything for making pearl jewelry, from needles and threads to all kinds of tools. You just need to send us an email of your specific requirements and we can do it all for you.

Business Promotion – We can help you more…

When you want to promote your business, you want to achieve the most effective results with the most inexpensive means but the highest perceived value. We can help to achieve your goal by using pearls as gifts for your employees, your seminar attendees, or your patrons. All you need to do is to give us your budget, and your preferred design or whatever you have in mind. We will work with you by providing you with a free sample and timely delivery.

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