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While it is nice to buy jewelery for your children or as a gift there are warnings involved. There have been recent stories in the press about cadmium in children jewelery. Cadmium is a carcinogen and it can be harmful to brain development in young children. Long term exposure to this toxin can cause cancer and kidney problems.

Children can actually get low doses by sucking or biting on the jewelery. Cadmium is a highly toxic metal that is used in batteries and metal coatings and plastics. It can also cause lung cancer according to the US Agency of Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. If you want to find children's jewelery and pearls you can visit Sterling and Pearls online.

They offer below retail pearl jewelery that is lead free and made in the United States. There is actually a wide selection these days of kids pearl jewelery for kids of all ages from infants to adolescents. In fact, pearl jewelery for children is becoming popular and preferred by many young girls these days. These simple, elegant and shiny pearls show off a purity and innocence which most young children still possess. The innocence of the pearl makes our little darlings even more adorable. Pearl rings and bracelets are a great gift for a newborn infant. Most of this kind of jewelery is dainty and light in feeling. These pieces are finished with delicate workmanship. They have smooth, simple and flawless texture and will not harm the infant. Many people actually prefer making children's jewelery with pearls.

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What small girl doesn't love to dress up in beautiful clothes and jewelery? Pearl earrings are usually the most popular piece of jewelery that is worn every day. As for chains they are delicate and loved by most girls because they look like a Barbie doll. Pearl bracelets and bangles are more preferred for wedding and other events. The silver colorations blended with the pearls look great on small girls! However, it is not all for the little girls. Boys have also started to wear jewlery and even pearls. They can wear them with heavy chains or in their watches. Boys will go more for chains, rings, tiepins, brooches and other types of bling. Now there are lots of pearl pieces that are in the shape of their favourite cartoon characters or fruits and flowers which attract children.

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Many teens like fashion jewelery because it is an individual statement. There are many online stores where you can get kids jewelery at good prices. The fact is that teenage girls are more specific when it comes to how they look. There are a wide variety in pearl colors and shapes and are preferred by teenage girls for their appeal and looks. Pearl bracelets, earrings, pendants and more are all stunning and dazzling. These pieces are perfect for all those teen get tog ethers and parties. The nice thing is that if you want to buy your child or teenager a piece of children's jewelery then you can do it right from your home computer. Simply go online and search for pearl jewelery and you will get exactly what will suit your child's style and not break your budget!