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Pearl Matching Sets

Pearl Jewelry Set - Complete Your Style with Cultured Pearls Direct from Wholesaler

Custom-Made for You in Any Design

Pearl Jewerly Set - The perfect pearl matching set will complement your hair and skin tone, and work with several articles in your wardrobe. There are so many ways to customize the perfect matched set -- the possibilities are endless! Each set can be different as you experiment, we can make the pearl jewelry matching set at any length, in any color that you would like.

pearl matching set round pearl set

Pearl Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings Set

round pearl setpeanut pearl setsouthsea shell pearl setbaroque pearl set chocolate pearl setround pearl bridal setbutton pearl choker and braceletpearl and crystal set

How to choose a pearl jewelry set?

First you can decide on the necklace. Pick a necklace length that works for you, and decide if you want a pearl strand, a choker or a pendant! You can go for single, double or triple strands - the choice is yours!

Next comes the bracelet. Bangles are always appropriate, or you can go with the traditional knotted bracelet or the more sophisticated twisted double strand. Remember you can dress both necklace and bracelet up with your choice of a gold or silver set of clasps!

Finally, select your earring style! This is where you can really let your true personality shine through; do you prefer severe studs or playful cluster earrings? Dangling pearls can peek out of short curls, or longer drop pearl earrings can swing closer to your shoulders for a flirty, sexy style.

Pearl is an excellent choice for a simple elegant chain and drop pendant. The chunkier look of these irregularly shaped pearls makes them great for casual accessories, and dangling earrings can complete the look.

pink pearl setmauve round pearl setblack pearl setbutton pearl set white pearl setheart pearl setball shaped pearl setbutton pearl set

We have pearl jewelry set made of many different shaped pearls available:

Button pearls are perfect for use in large stud earrings and ornate pendant necklaces where their size and beauty can be showcased in delicate settings of gold or sterling silver. Don`t forget that these pearls can be beautifully set in rings as well for a complete pearl matching set that is sure to dazzle and delight!

Rice pearls make narrow, elegant strands and slim bracelets that won't overpower a slight frame. Even more variety in color can be found with these delicate oval pearls, and you can enjoy the effect they have against almost any outfit.

Potato pearls make terrific clusters. The variety of colors available allows you to match any outfit in your wardrobe, and you can pair French dangling earrings with a pendant on a silver chain to complete the ensemble.

South sea shell pearls also called majorca pearls, are the inexpensive way to wear larger pearls without breaking the bank! Nothing is more striking than a pair of huge pearl stud earrings and a perfectly matched strand or pendant necklace.

Baroque pearls are an excellent choice for twisted double strand necklaces and bracelets. The chunkier look of these irregularly shaped pearls makes them great for casual accessories, and dangling earrings can complete the look.

pearl jewelry
southsea shell pearl set

Love the design of pearl jewelry set above but would rather to:

  • change 925 sterling silver clasp to 14k solid gold? or
  • shorten or lengthen the necklace length? or
  • change an exotic pearl colors like green, red, champagne, chocolate or others? or
  • prefer other bigger or smaller sized pearls?

We can make any piece of jewelry you love, just fill in your special customization in the comment field while checking out, we will do all the rest.

With all the different options to choose from, it is certain that you will be able to find the pearl matching set that reflects the inner you!

pearl matching sets

Don`t see the jewelry that you want? Or the 14k yellow or white gold clasps that you prefer?

Get them customized to your own specification, with our own in house manufacturer. It comes with a 6-month free warranty. And all it takes is an additional few days. Please email us at, we can make any kind necklace in any color, at any length to meet your specific requirements.