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Pearl Bangle

How to Make a Freshwater Pearl Bangle Bracelet

Making a freshwater pearl bangle bracelet should only take half an hour to an hour. It's a good idea to make several of these at once, as you will want to wear them together for the most chic look. This is a beginner project, but does require some dexterity to keep from warping the shape of the bracelet.

chocolate pearl banglemauve pearl bangle
4-row pearl banglewhite pearl bangle
pink pearl bangle

Start your bracelets by lining up your pearls in rows according to how you want them strung. Discard any with off center drilled holes or other imperfections. Cut your wire into lengths to make the right size circles, with an extra inch and a half added to allow room for joining the loop.

Begin by using the pliers to bend the wire over on one end by about an inch. This will provide a `stop` as you add pearls. Start simply sliding your chosen freshwater pearls down the wire, until the desired length is reached.?If desired, pearls can be alternated with glass or metal beads, small rhinestones or even bits of mother of pearl or jade. Finish with a crimp.

Once the bracelet is strung, carefully form it into a circle and begin to slide the remaining empty bit of wire back through the first pearls on the bracelet. When it gets tight, clip the crooked end of the other end of the wire, and let it also slide back through the crimp and a few pearls beyond.

Push the bracelet into as tight a circle as you can and tighten the crimp with the very tip of the pliers. Repeat to make additional bangles! This type of freshwater pearl bracelet is terrific to add a splash of style to ultra casual wear - just make a dozen or so and wear them all together for an edgy fashion statement.

pearl jewelry making

To gather your supplies, you will need:

  • Predrilled freshwater pearls, of whatever shape and size you desire for your bracelet. If you are going for the preppy effect, try for small uniform pearls of different colors, and make one bracelet out of each color. If you like a more Bohemian feel, mix and match pearl sizes and colors and look for clunky styles such as large baroque or potato pearls. You`ll need approximately six to eight inches of freshwater pearls for each bangle bracelet.

  • Stiff fine wire for stringing - you need something that will hold its shape when curved into a circle, but fine enough to go through the drilled holes in the pearls. You can often buy this type of wire at hobby shops, jewelry stores or directly from your pearl supplier.

  • Fine point needle nose pliers

  • Wire cutting pliers

  • 1 crimp