13mm Pearls and Pearl Jewelry

13mm Pearls and Pearl Jewelry – Direct from Freshwater Pearl Farms @ Low Wholesale Cost in Any Colors and Shapes

Looking for 13mm pearls or pearl jewelry? Find them in either 12-13mm or 13-14mm in your specific category or search from the entire shop. Below are just some of 13mm pearls & jewelry samples. You will get the largest collections of freshwater pearls or Tahitian pearls at 13mm in all sizes and shapes, drilled in any sized bigger holes, be it 2mm or even 3mm you want, directly from our pearl farms, all at the lowest wholesale prices,

13mm Pearls – Any Color, Any Size & Quantity

pearl colors
Process Any Color
Want your 13mm pearls to be processed in a specific color? i.e, champagne, red or green colors? As long as you have the time, we can process for you.

pearl sizes
Pearls Hole Sizes
Not only we have pearls from 1mm tolarge pearls almost 20mm, but also we can drill all sized larger holes for your pearls. Drilling cost starts from $9.49 for the size of holes you want.

bulk pearls
Bulk pearls
Since we own pearl farms, we can get pearls in any quantity without middlemens’ cost and delivered to you direct from our pearl farms.

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