Pearls by Ounces

Pearls for Decorations @ Lowest Cost

Loose Pearls for Wedding,Table – Sold by Ounces

All Natural, All Real! Pearls in All Colors, Shapes & Sizes. Any Quantities!

Looking for real pearls to decorate your dinner table or your vases? No matter it is for a wedding or for Christmas, you will fall in love with our all natural, untreated, and non-processed REAL pearls!  Direct from our pearl farm, you will find in baroque, drop, potato and round shapes sold by ounces, at unbelievable prices! Check out loose pearls in ounce, Loose Single Pearl or Pearls on Strands,  all at wholesale. You are guaranteed by an USA based CA incorporate company in business for years..

round pearls sold by ounce

8-9mm $299.99/Ounce

baroque pearls sold by ounce

10-11mm $9.47/Ounce

potato pearls sold by ounce

7-8mm $19.99/Ounce

drop pearls sold by ounce

9-10mm $79.99/Ounce

When you buy jewelry from us, you are not just paying for the pearls, you are also paying for the quality of service that comes from dealing with an American company. We will stand behind our products and your business 100%. When you buy from us and realize what you have bought is too long, too short, too dark or too light you can send it back and have it made right again. We want to make sure you will never have to worry about anything when you buy from us.

pearls sold by ounce

Today, most of pearls are used for making pearl powder, typically made by grinding up low grade freshwater pearls. It’s still widely believed that pearls have properties that are anti-aging, assist in fighting cancer, and that they may even be able to assist with treating thyroid disease and chronic pharyngitis.

Today pearl powder is still widely used not just as a medicinal product but also as an additive in many expensive beauty products as well. Many people use pearl powder based products every morning and night in the belief it will keep their skin smooth, and preserve a youthful appearance. It`s also said that wearing pearls promotes improved health with one`s skin, assisting in preventing blotching or wrinkle formation around the area the pearls are worn.

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