12-13mm AA Quality Grey Colored Baroque Pearls Drilled 1.5mm Holes


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Very nice and 12-13mm large sized AA quality baroque pearls strands in grey color at a length of approximately 15.5in long. There are approximately 32 pearls on each strand.

The Pearls have very nice luster, and pretty much uniform shaped that is unusual for baroque pearls, if it’s not for it rough surface, you could easily call these pearls as round shaped pearls. However, that is why people love baroque pearls, purely for their natural and stunning look.

Grey colored baroque pearl strands drilled at 1.5mm holes are available for immediate delivery.

If you do not need uniformed shaped pearl like these pearls, you can also buy the same sized pearls that are already pre-drilled to be 1.7mm, 2.0mm or 2.5mm holes. Just type in the search box for Number: LPSRZ1213DD. You can find them right away


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