16-17mm Huge Button Pearls High Quality Half-Drilled White Pearls


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These are huge 16-17mm High Quality in either AAA high quality or AA graded nice quality button pearls which have very high luster and are very round in shape with a relatively flat backside which is why also called dome shaped pearls. Perfect to be glue on a flat bed setting!

You probably will not find pearls at this quality in this large size anywhere else. These pearls rival with expensive south sea pearls! They are a great way to create an impressive center piece.

The difference between AAA and AA is for AAA graded pearls, there is almost no any visible marking despite its huge sizes which is why it’s rare and more expensive as they had to stay in water much longer, which is why it’s more expensive. However, the markings if they are any on AA graded pearls are hardly noticeable as they are mostly on the side instead of in the front. So they look the same from the top or front side. Please choose from the dropdown menu for your preferred Grade according to your setting’s requirement.

Price listed is for one individual pearl only to create your impressive pearl ring or a pearl pendant. Only half-drilled white colored pearls are available.

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