7-8mm AA+ Loose Round Pearls Sold by Ounce


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These loose round pearls are undrilled and sold by ounces or sold by hanks. There are approximately 53 pearls per ounce. They are genuine freshwater pearls. All of them are AA+ grade with high luster and 7-7.5mm in size.

These are higher quality round pearls for making high end jewelry. If you want lower graded pearls just for decoration purpose, such as for a formal dinner table decoration or in a cabinet, we do have those as well for lower cost. Please email us for a price quote.

Only white colored pearls are in stock.

In addition, we can drill these pearls in any way you want. The extra drilling cost is only $8.97 per ounce. All you need to do is to leave your request in the comment field when you check out and pay for the drilling service through here.

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