Center Drilled High Quality Long Stick Biwa Pearl Strand High Luster



These are center drilled high quality long stick or biwa pearls with high luster. They will surely bring an exotic look to any jewelry designs.

Two sized pearls are available. The first has an approximate size of  4mm (W)  x  26mm (L) on average, although as you can see from the pictures, each one of them is different. But this strand of pearls is much longer and skinner. There are about 80 pearls on each strand. Sorry black colored pearls have been sold out.

The second has an an approximate size of 5mm (W)  x  20mm (L) on average, also various from other and another as they are all nature-made. But as you can see from pictures, these pearls are a little wider and shorter. There are about 59 pearls on each strand.

Both sized biwa pearls are high quality with high luster and relatively uniform sizes and shapes, as you can see from the pictures. There are all taken from real Stick Pearl strands with a penny to give you a sense of size, as each pearl is made of nature that comes with a different size and character to show its own uniqueness.

Both are available for immediately delivery with limited quantities in stock.


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