Center Drilled White Stick or Biwa Pearl Strand 5x20mm or 7x20mm



These are center drilled high quality long stick or biwa pearls with high luster.

They come with two sizes. One has an approximate size of 5mm (W) x 20mm (L) on average, in white color. The other has an approximate size of 7mm (W) x 20mm (L) on average (a little wider), with cream color.

As you can see from pictures, even within the same batch, they still have variations from one pearl to another as they are biwa pearls, each pearl is made of nature that comes with a different size and character to show its own uniqueness.

Both sized pearls have about the same length except, 7mm sized is a little wider. Nevertheless, both are beautiful with high luster and in relatively consistent sizes and shapes. There are about 60 pearls on the 7x20mm sized strand.  And 72 pearls on the 5x20mm sized strand.

They are available for immediately delivery with limited quantities in stock.


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