Huge Sized 15-17mm Baroque Multi Color Or White Pearl Strands High Luster



Beautiful and huge sized 15-17mm baroque pearls with very high luster in 2 different grades are available.

The top picture shows AA quality and the bottom are the better quality with more consistent shapes. Both of them have very high luster as you can see from the pictures.

The strands are approximately 15-15.5″ inch long, with approximately 22 pearls are each strand. Perfect if you want to take the strand apart and use them individually as center piece as well, especially for the higher graded pearls. Nevertheless, both of them would make very impressive jewelry due to their huge size and high luster, as well as unusual flat shapes.

Because each pearl on the strand is unique, the strand has a natural and organic look that adds to its overall charm and appeal. The variations in size, shape, and color make the strand a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that is sure to capture attention.

For a limited time, we also have multi colored pearl with light pink and mauve overtone strands at AAA quality on sale as the picture shows on the top of white pearls. Limited quantities.

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