Loose Edison Huge 14-15mm Round Pearl Half Drilled or Fully Drilled


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You will be amazed by these huge sized Edison Pearls! Not only by their huge 14-15mm sizes, but also by their incredible luster.

They are cultivated with the newest scientific and technological sophistication only in selected mussels and tiny beads are inserted through a special method to farm the round shaped pearls that are dense, highly lustrous pearl with hue and luster, and almost crinkly free surface.

As you can see from the picture these are round or off-round shaped pearls and unique with very little markings and blemishes which makes them quite rare, mainly because pearls are just like people who are made of nature, the older we get, the more likely we have more imperfections. When it comes to pearls, it is the same because bigger sized pearls will have to stay under water for much longer time than smaller sized pearls, which makes them more subject to environmental damage, therefore, physical imperfection.

If you google Edison pearl, you will see others are selling drop shaped pearls online at the same size, lower quality for $249, a much higher price than our round pearls, only because we can get them directly from pearl farm!

Because of its huge size, it is the best to be used for setting in as a high-end pearl pendant necklace that will definitely WOW.

Colored Edison pearls are truly enchanting.

The following colors remain:

Dark Lavender/Mauve;

Light Lavender/Mauve;

Shop early for the best selection.

If you need the pearl to be fully drilled, we can custom drill it for you for free. Just leave your request in the comment field.

Note:  Custom drilled products are non-returnable.

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