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pearl strands on sale

11-13mm Huge Sized Graduated High Luster White Round Pearl Strands AA Quality
Orig: $199.99 Now: $119.97

We also have new-round shaped pearl strands at $57.99only. Click on it:

Huge Sized 11-13mm Near-Round High Luster AA Quality Pearl Strands

Make your Own Pearl Jewelry with All DIY Materials here:

pearl earrings settings

Pearl glues

Pearl Glues

$7.47 $4.49

loose pearls

Loose Pearls

$2.49 $0.79

Pearl Cage Holder

Pearl Cage Holder

$19.99 $11.99

Pearls Clasps

Pearls Clasps

$11.99 $9.47


pearl matching set
925 Sterling Silver Simple Pendant Setting
Sale Price: $2.09/each
jewelry makings
Flower Shaped 925 Silver Pendant Setting
Sale Price: $2.99/each
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