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Chocolate pearls symbolize love, heat, and warmth. Women who prefer these chocolate pearls are thought to be sultry. These pearls are genuine freshwater pearls. They were altered by the Ballerina Pearl Company through a bleaching process. These pearls grew and expanded under the name, “chocolate pearls.” They are widely known now for their purity and modesty. We have both loose chocolate or brown colored pearls as unfinished or finished jewelry for you to choose from.

Chocolate Baroque Pearls($13.47)

10-11mm Length Drilled Baroque Pearls on Temporary Strand

10-11mm Length Drilled Pearls

Chocolate Pearl Necklace($99.99)

9-10mm AA Quality Round Pearl Necklace in 14k Solid Gold

9-10mm Pearls 14k Gold

Chocolate Round Pearls($27.99)

7-8mm Round Pearl Strand 4 Colors of Pearls

7-8mm Pearl Strand 4 Colors

Chocolate Potato Pearls($7.49)

5-6mm Semi-Round Pearl Strand Colored

5-6mm Semi-Round Pearls

Chocolate Rice Pearls($19.49)

Large 9-10mm Rice or Oval Shaped Pearl Strand

9-10mm Oval Pearls

Loose Chocolate Pearls($79.99)

9.5-10mm AA+ Loose Round Fully-Drilled Pearl in Chocolate Color

9.5-10mm Loose Round Pearls

Chocolate Peanut Pearls($15.49)

Top Drilled AAA- 5x6mm Drop Pearls or Peanut Pearls on Temporary Strand

Top Drilled 5x6mm Drop Pearls

Chocolate Button Pearls($15.49)

Chocolate 7-8mm Top Drilled Button Pearl Strand Colored

7-8mm Top Drilled Pearls

Chocolate Keshi Pearls($69.99)

12-13mm Keshi Pearl Strand Colored

12-13mm Keshi Pearls

Chocolate Coin Pearls($17.47)

8x18mm Rectangular Length Drilled Coin Pearl Strand

Rectangular Coin Pearls

Chocolate Shell Pearls($28.49)

12mm Chocolate Southsea Shell Pearl Strands

12mm Sea Shell Pearls

Chocolate biwa Pearls($29.99)

Biwa Loose Pearl Strand Center Drilled Colored

Biwa Pearls Center Drilled

Chocolate pearls may be harder to find than their counterparts. They are made through a beaching process. No artificial colors are added to these pearls. They are the result of the irradiation treatment. Although these pearls are mostly brown there are secondary colors. The luster of the chocolate pearls range from medium to high. The nacre color is even and light and seen near the nucleus. Chocolate pearls are made when the melanin pigment is altered. They will have a bronze/copper rust color and iridescent overtones. The chocolate comes from dyeing and coloring agents. These pearls are very expensive due to their rarity. However, for this season it seems that chocolate pearls that come from nature’s inspiration are hot!

Featured Chocolate Colored Pearl Jewelry:

A perfect birthday or graduation gift for an unbelievable low price with genuine pearls and 925 sterling silver! A gift to be treasured for a long, long time.

Luxury within reach! Best Value for your Money! These pearls have the most exotic terrific luster at a large size of 8-9mm, and finished with a 14kt solid yellow or white gold clasp.

These tiny cubic zirconium diamonds make the large pearl stand out. Have everyone envy you with this expensive looking design.

As a suitable gift for any woman, this striking ring will mark any occasion as a milestone, and make a statement of recognition for its recipient.

The right size for everybody! A beautiful pair of 9-9.5mm genuine freshwater pearl earrings is set in 925 sterling silver for pierced ears without any allergic reactions. It will definitely draw attention and sparkle on your ears!

These pearls were once thought to be poor quality and would never appear in stores. However, those thoughts have changed. With the changing economy and the changes in fashion trends chocolate pearls have become en vogue. Chocolate pearls would make a great and unique gift. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day. These pearls were brought to light by the Hollywood stars a few years ago. The demand has been growing ever since among jewelry lovers of the world. These pearls are great for any time of year but especially dramatic in winter when we need that hint of warmth their color brings. They will bring that much needed warmth and glow to your skin. The only problem you may face with chocolate pearls is finding them.

Looking for brown or chocolate colored south sea shell pearls or loose brown or chocolate colored genuine pearl strands?

loose individual pearlsWe can also process them to be any color of pearls! All you need to do is to send us a sample picture with the pearl size, shape, and grade. It usually takes about 7-10days to complete your custom order. You can also order the product online directly and specify your request in the special comment field when purchasing your product.

Things to consider when buy brown or chocolate pearls

One aspect to consider is the color of the pearl. We have several shades of brown from dark brown or chocolate (close to black) to a light brown or golden brown (a gold color overlay) color.

There are some companies that just started to carry a selection of chocolate pearl jewelry along with other manufacturers and online stores. You can find rings, necklaces, bracelets, stud earrings and more. Currently the process of producing real chocolate pearls takes only a week or so. Some chocolate pearls can sell for as much as $40,000 a strand! This is especially true in places like Hollywood and Houston, Texas. These strands are as large as 16mm, but most are around the 10-12mm range. With so many women owning white and black pearls, brown/chocolate pearls are becoming the next big thing in jewelry.

You can order any kind of brown or chocolate pearls, and then complete the look with any one of the pearl clasps from our store for a fine piece of jewelry at the lowest wholesale cost from our store. Your new piece of jewelry is guaranteed to look dazzling!

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