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Pearl Necklace and Earrings Real Pearl Jewelry Set

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Celebrity Inspired Pearl Choker Set 600+ Real Pearls

Looking for a pearl necklace and earrings matching pearl jewelry set? Starting from less than $14.99 for a real pearl set of 2, from “our pearl matching set” ( in our pearl jewelry department, if you sort by price from low to high), you will find huge selections of pearl matching set directly from pearl farms from a USA California based corporation, made by our in-house workers. We have been making pearl jewelry sets for stores all over the world for 20 years, with quantities 3000 pieces at a time, we can also make 1 piece for you as our retail customer, guaranteed at the lowest wholesale cost also. How can we say that?

Drop Pearl Set($147.47)

drop pearl set

9-10mm AA+ Set, 14K Gold

Potato Pearl Set($29.99)

Real Pearls Snowball Matching Set in Sterling Silver

Snowball Matching Set, 925ss

Rice Pearl Set($29.97)

7-8mm AA+ Rice Pearl Matching Set

7-8mm AA+ Rice Pearl Matching Set

Round Pearl Set($449.97)

8-8.5mm AAA Gem Quality Set, 14K Gold

8-8.5mm AAA Gem Quality Set

Button Pearl Set($29.99)

9mm Pearl Necklace Earrings and Ring Set in Silver 16in Chain

Pearl Set in Silver 16in Chain

Button Pearl Set($39.99)

Pearl Necklace Bracelet and Earrings Complete Set

Necklace Bracelet and Earrings Set

Baroque Pearl Set($24.99)

High Quality Baroque Pearl Set 925ss

High Quality Baroque Pearl Set 925ss

Designed Pearl Set($79.99)

3-Strand Pearl and Jade Set

3-Strand Pearl and Jade Set

Shell Pearl Set($21.49+)

South Sea Shell Pearl Necklace and Earrings Set

South Sea Shell Pearl Set

Our in-house workers can make your pearl jewelry matching set with any sized pearls, in any shape, at any length and in any color that you would like, because we have the pearls and manufacturing capability. Your pearl jewelry matching set will complement your hair and skin tone in your desired size and design. Or you can also choose from our most popular styles below.

Any Kind of Pearl Jewelry Set You Want

Why Pay Middlemens Profit?

chocolate pearls black pearls white pearls

Black pearls, white pearls, pink pearls, champagne pearls, brown pearls, blue pearls, chocolate pearls, green pearls or red pearls, we have all these popular colors in stock, find them all here:

Chocolate pearls are hot right now, find all of the chocolate or brown pearl jewelry here.

Black or Peacock colored pearls always in demand. Find out what we have for black pearls jewelry here.

White pearls are suitable for anybody, and any occasion. Find all kinds of white pearl jewelry here.

pink pearls blue pearls

Pink pearls are great gifts for any women, from a young girl to an elderly co-worker. Find your dreamy pink pearl jewelry here.

Blue pearls are for that special lady who have already got everything in her jewelry box. Take a look at what we got for all blue colored pearl jewelry here.

Champagne pearls or gray colored pearls are always in style. Find all champagne pearls or gray pearl jewelry here.

Green pearls for the shy and quiet type youngest. You deserve to have at least a few pieces of this authentic pearl jewelry for yourself. Find green pearl jewelry here.

Cranberry pearls are versatile stones that can fit into any atmosphere, any event and make any type of statement that the wearer chooses. Find cranberry pearl jewelry here.

How to choose a pearl jewelry set?

First you can decide on the necklace. Pick a length that works for you, and decide if you want a pearl strand, a choker or a pendant! You can go for single, double or triple strands, or settle on a simple elegant chain and drop pendant – the choice is yours!

Next comes the bracelet. Bangles are always appropriate, or you can go with the traditional knotted bracelet or the more sophisticated twisted double strand. Remember you can dress both necklace and bracelet up with your choice of a gold or silver set of clasps!

Finally, select your earring style! This is where you can really let your true personality shine through; do you prefer severe studs or playful cluster earrings? Dangling pearls can peek out of short curls, or longer drop pearl earrings can swing closer to your shoulders for a flirty, sexy style.

Your wedding is unique and your jewelry should be as well.

Pearls are a great attendant gift for the women at your bridal party! As low as $49.99/set, it includes a pearl necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings. All of them are in 925 sterling silver. A lot of hand-work involved in which will be treasured for a long time. The best wedding gift for the bride and braid maids. Many colors combinations are available for immediate delivery to match your gown or dresses.

With all the different options to choose from, it is certain that you will be able to find the pearl matching set that reflects the inner you! if not, then

Custom order your own pearl jewelry set for free

pearl matching sets

Don`t see the red or blue color that you want? Or the 14k yellow or white gold clasps that you prefer? Or got a special length for one of your bridesmaids?

Get them customized to your own specification, with our own in house manufacturer. It comes with a 6-month free warranty. And all it takes is an additional few days. Please email us at [email protected] with your specific requirements.

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