Information on Loose Pearls

Information on Pearls

loose individual pearls


Loose, Single, & Individual Pearls Undrilled, Half Drilled, or Fully Drilled in Larger Holes

Want loose pearls or individual pearls single by piece or on loose strands?

Loose pearls on sale

Pearl Sizes:
 From very small 1mm seed pearls or baby pearls to large pearls that are 35mm or larger real pearls; From freshwater pearls, to Tahitian loose pearls, to south sea shell single pearls.

pearls in any color
Pearl Colors:
From natural white, pink, mauve to processed color in red, champagne, black, green, gold, chocolate, brown etc.


Pearl Shapes: From round pearls, semi-round pearls, drop pearls to button pearls, biwa pearls, coin pearls, cross-shaped pearls to baroque pearls to Keshi pearls to mabe pearls, etc., in any shape.

pearls in different shapesUndrilled Pearls: Also called keepsake pearls are sold as single pearls or individual pearls, in all sizes and shapes. Check out loose or individual pearls, or have them half drilled for your settings to make your own pearl jewelry.

Drilled Pearls: We can drill pearls with any size of holes, and in any way that you would like, from fully drilled, top drilled, double drilled, side drilled, half drilled to center drilled or double drilled. Check out our loose pearls on strands and they can be drilled to any specific way you want!

loose pearl beads on strandsDrilled Hole Sizes: We have pearls that are pre-drilled in various sizes (from 0.7mm, 1mm, 1.7mm, 2mm, 2.3mm, 2.5mm, 3mm or even larger holes) for your jewelry making needs. Quite a few of the large hole pearls and beads are in stock and ready to be shipped immediately from our San Diego, USA office. Just check out from the unfinished jewelry section for any specific shape of the pearls you like.

Need your pearls to be custom drilled or half drilled?

drill pearls in any way, any size you wantPearl Drilling–We Can Custom Drill Hole Sizes in Pearls or Beads: Usually 0.7mm is the standard size of hole. If you would like any pearl strands or beads in our unfinished jewelry section to be drilled with larger holes for thicker materials such as leather cords, lace or ribbon, you can use our special pearls drilling service and have the pearls custom drilled to 3mm or larger hole sizes. However, please note pearls need to be sufficiently large. Please also allow for an additional 2-3 weeks (although padded with extra time) to custom drill the pearls according to your requirements.

Half drilled loose or individual pearls:

Half drilled pearls are also usually used for making pendants, earrings, rings, or just for keepsake by putting the pearls in a pearl cage. We have all types of half drilled pearls from drop pearls to button pearls, to coin pearls, to round pearls, to flat coin pearl, to rectangular biwa pearl, to square Keshi pearl and more!

You can buy undrilled or half-drilled loose pearls here, from tiny pearls 1mm all the way to huge 35mm pearls, without any minimum, even just for 1 pearl.

Making High End Jewelry w/ Real Pearls!
Single Pearl or Pearl Strand & Huge Selections of Jewelry Findings & Tools

pearl findings

Whatever you need to make your jewelry, we got it!

Find everything for your jewelry making needs here:

It does not matter what kind of pearls you are looking for, be it round pearl, button pearl, rice pearl, potato pearl, nugget pearl, keshi pearl, coin pearl, southsea shell pearls or even jade or other beads that you use to mix with pearl jewelry. We have them all!

baroque pearl strand

Baroque Pearls

Round Pearls

rice pearl strand

Rice Pearls

peanut strand

Peanut Pearls

button strand

Button Pearls

coin pearl strand

Coin Pearls

keshi strand

Keshi Pearls

southsea shell pearl strand

Shell Pearls

tigers eyes

Genuine Corals

turquoise beads

Turquoise beads

jade beads

Jade Beads

agate beads

Agate Beads

Pearl Settings For Jewelry Making

A huge variety of pearl settings for jewelry making needs. If you would like any pearl jewelry settings in our store to be made in a different material such as plated yellow gold over silver, we can make it. Just email us the product numbers with your request.

pearl settingspearl settingspearl charms and findings

Colors of Pearls – Any Colored Pearls

All of our pearls come with natural colors including white, pink, and lavender. Black pearls are also in stock most of the time. Need a specific color? We will process them!
In a few weeks, we can process any colored pearls that you need. The best way to make sure that we will get the specific color that you want is to send us a sample or a picture. However, if you are unsure about the color of pearls in mind and need to describe it in detail, you can check out our guide to pearl colors.

14k Gold or 925 Sterling Silver Findings for Pearls and Loose Temporary Strands to Make Your Jewelry

There is no minimum order or quantity limit for these pearl strands, just straight forward low prices. You can either get them from our existing stock below for immediate delivery, or if you have a special item, you can have your pearls directly shipped out from our pearl farms in China. You can get any naturally colored pearls at any time for your jewelry making needs! All it takes is a few extra days because we ship them out from San Diego,California..

Loose Pearl Strands and Pearl Jewelry


Rice or Oval Shaped Pearls, from 1mm all the way to 15mm in 20+ colors

pearlsSee all rice pearl strands

round pearls

Round Pearls on Temporary Strands From 1mm to 15mm in nature colors

pearlsSee all round pearl strands

button pearls

Button or Flat Pearls, From 1mm seed pearls all the way to 17mm in 4 colors

pearlsSee all button pearl strands

coin pearls

Coin Pearls in Square, Round or Rectangular Shapes, Center Drilled or Side Drilled

pearlsSee all coin pearl strands

potato pearls

Potato or Semi-Round Pearls on Temporary Strands from 3mm with 30+ Colors

pearlsSee all potato pearl strands

keshi pearls

Cornflake or Keshi Pearls from Baby Keshi to Large & Rare sizes on Temporary Strands

pearlsSee all keshi pearl strands

baroque pearls

Nugget or Baroque Shaped Pearls From 3mm to 35mm or even 40mm Huge Pearls in 20+ colors

pearlsSee baroque pearl strands

biwa pearls

Long Stick or Biwa Loose Pearls on temporary strands, Center Drilled or Cross Drilled

pearlsSee all biwa pearl strands

majorica pearls

Southsea shell beads in all sizes and colors for you to make your stunning piece of jewelry that rivals real south sea pearls

pearlsSee all shell pearl strands

cross pearls

Cross or Crucifix Shaped Pearls, top drilled, length drilled or diagonally drilled

pearlsSee all corss pearl strands

jade beads

Real Jade Beads from 4mm to 16mm in Round or Oval or rice Shape

pearlsSee all jade bead strands

agate beads

Natural Agate Beads from 4mm to 12mm in Round or Dropped Shapes

pearlsSee all agate bead strands


coral beads

High Quality Natural Coral Beads, from round, tube, drum to rice shapes

pearlsSee all coral bead strands



purple crystal beads

Crystal Beads on Temporary Strands from 4mm to 10mm in Clear and Purple Colors

pearlsSee all crystal beads

tigers eye beads

Genuine Tigers Eye Beads on Temporary Strands from 4mm to 20mm

pearlsSee all tigers eye beads

mother of pearl strands

Mother of Pearl Beads in all sizes and colors for you to make your natural jewelry

pearlsSee all Mother of pearls

loose pearls

Loose Pearls from 1mm to 20mm Pearls for Keepsakes or jewelry making needs

pearlsSee all loose pearls

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